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Global Distribution

We are starting down the path of Global Distribution with www.oneworldlegends.com We are focused on “landrace” varieties of Marijuana and global distribution to the countries with viable markets, as they go through the legalization process. We have started to grow many of the old names like “Acapulco Gold” with our partners in Colombia, who have begun their trial grows.

Our model includes the the entire supply chain, from origin to the end consumer.

Santa Marta Gold

Traditional Supply Chain

Everybody in the process gets their cut of the profits, ultimately passing it on to the end-consumer.







Our Model

We connect you with the grower so there are no middle-men to inflate the final cost to consumers

just great bud at a great price!




We have seen over the years that the dispensaries have a broad profit margin which the consumer bears. Even with the price of marijuana going down, we see the retail prices holding steady, widening the gap. Our retail program is “farm to customer” and minimizing the levels of profit taking by others and passing that financial benefit on to the customer. It is our belief that this will give us long term growth through dedicated repeat customers with monthly subscriptions.


Our retail sales model is “Tell A Friend.” When people recommend others to purchase their Marijuana from us, we will pay a commission to the person who referred the buyer. This benefits people who tell others about our high grade product.

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